Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So did anyone else just cry like I did when I saw these?! I'm pretty sure I just fell in love. The middle cutout is just TOO DIE FOR! Once again Jeffrey Campbell amazes me! Where does he come up with these designs?? So tell me, are they something I should invest in, or just something pretty to admire and wish I had?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

paisley love

(Nasty Gal tunic, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Urban Outfitters cat eye sunglasses, Betsey Johnson bag)
Paisley, studs, and Starbucks = my love First things first, you've all seen this tunic before. It might just be my favorite one! I love wearing it with the studded oversized Betsey bag! The bag is so big and roomy (and we all know we love our HUGE oversized totes!). And has anyone else noticed that Starbucks changed their logo?! I don't know if I'm digging it... what do you think?


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things That You'll Find in my Room

1. French tote made of all recycled flower bags
2. I like to think that my jewelry is one organized mess... just like the rest of my room
3. Earrings that I can't wait to wear this summer
4. Books and cute little coke bottles. I'm a BIG reader. Thats just SOME of the HHUUGGEEE book collection I have. :)
5. Winter jackets that I just adore!
6. Just some of my loves! J'adore!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i thought this winter wonderland was over...

(Steve Madden Rain Boots, Forever21 fleece lined leggings, LF fur vest, Bloomingdales button down tunic, vintage belt, assorted rings, Aldo bangles)

So even though last Friday was a beautiful day and 76 degrees, it is now currently snowing! Just when I thought I could pack up all my bulky sweaters and break out the cute floral dresses, the snow starts falling! So I have two things that I just have to tell you about this outfit.
1. These Forever 21leggings are lined with fleece! Say what! They are the most comfortable and warms leggings I own! PERFECT for the  winter and snow!
2. I just bought these moto inspired rain boots on sale! (WOOT WOOT!) I love how they don't look like rain boots at all! Also, they have a red zipper going up the back which is so adorable! I definitely recommend a pair of rain boots even if they're a cheap plain pair. They really do come in handy and give your outfit a cute little "umph" when it's raining! <3


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NYC Street Fashion

So today I took a trip into NYC, stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (which was beyond beautiful), and was part of the audience at  a live showing of Wendy William's talk show (which was beyond hilarious)! While roaming the street in my hot pink high waisted pants, glitter blazer, and 5 inch Sam Edelman Wedges (I wish I had pictures but I lost my camera charger :(.... ) I saw some great street fashion that really inspired me! So today, I decided to finally do my own street fashion post with pictures that I have collected over time! ENJOY LOVES! <3

I love the mix of all the different types of styles! Thats my favorite part about NYC, you can wear whatever you want! Everywhere you look you see more and more amazing styles! The city itself just inspire you to look the cutest you can! I love everything about it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

slip into summer...

Happy first day of spring! (even though it snowed here today... ) This is the time of year that stores everywhere put their winter clothes on sale and stock up on the sweet spring and summer clothing! Personally, when it is hot outside, I like to  keep my wardrobe simple. Here is a preview of some very cute and very needed items for spring!

1. Cooperative Janis Platform from Urban Outfitters: So when I first saw these bad boys, I thought of orthopedic shoes. I recently took a trip to the nearest Urban and saw them in person. Lemme tell you! They are ADORABLE and COMFY! TRuthfully, if the shoe is comfy, I like it! I love the silver color it comes in and I also adore the cognac color! Great essential for spring AND summer!

2. Jeffrey Campbell Tonic Stud Gladiator Sandal: Jeffrey Campbell = my fave! There's really nothing else I have to say except I will be a proud owner of these soon (hopefully). I love absolutely EVERYTHING about them!

3. Fruit Stripe Knit Tank from Nasty Gal: This shirt offers the perfect amount of color! With a cute pair of white distressed cut-offs and a cute gladiator sandal, the outfit would be totally rockin'.

4. Sunday Wrap Dress from Nasty Gal: Once again, I like to keep a summer outfit simple and wear TONS of jewelry (hobo earrings, long necklaces, and a TON of bangles) and an AMAZING sandal. This ivory wrap dress is perfect to do just that!

5. Kenza Crop Knit by Cheap Monday: I love the sleeves on this crop top! Once again it is simple and white but the flutter sleeves ads a perfect touch! I can't wait to combine it with a floral high waisted skirt!

6. Hitchhiker Convertible Bag from Nasty Gal: This is the essential bag to wear in the summer! So cute to knock around in and it holds SO much (which I know everyone loves)! I can't forget to mention that it turns into a messenger bag also!

7. Lucca Couture Cutout dress: The back of this dress is all cutout (which is the main reason why i bought it (i can''t wait to wear it)). I love it because when you put it on, the skirt puffs out just a little and it is ADORABLE! The colors especially are more vibrant in person and totally worth the investment of $70.00

8. Jeffrey Campbell Ric Woven Sandal: Once again, Jeffrey Campbell (to die for!) They would look so cute with a white flowy dress! Simply divine!

Friday, March 18, 2011

sunny weather!

(Urban outfitters cardigan and romper, Aldo shoes and earrings, Forever21 necklace, Lucky Brand pouch)
So the weather was a wopping 72 degrees today and I TOTALLY loved it! It was the perfect day to break out my new hot pink romper and my cutsie gray oxfords! I will definitely be buying more rompers because 
1: i live in them! they're cute like summer dresses
2: because they're not a dress you don't have to worry about it flying up!


Monday, March 14, 2011

rock and rolllll

(H&M jeans and shirt, b-iconic flats, assorted rings, Ray Ban sunglasses)
So today I felt like dressing a little more "rocker"since its in between season and not really warm. I love the jeans (which I'm usually not a fan of acid wash jeans) but these weren't so "splochy". Pairing them with a cute band tee totally made the look. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

sculpture garden

(Betsey Johnson sunglasses and watch, Aldo skinny bangles, Coach zebra bangle, outfit by H&M)
So yesterday I was on my daily run and stopped to stretch out my leg when a little boy, maybe 8, walks straight up to me and tell me that theres this awesome sculpture garden right around the corner! Now I've been living in my house for all my life and never knew that a sculpture garden was right down the street from me! I decided to check it out and it was actually one of the coolest places EVER! I will definitely be going there A LOT!

Friday, March 11, 2011

rain rain go awayyy

(LF moto jeans, Nirvana fur and leather vest, Forever21 shirt, Aldo bangles, LF rings, and Cole Hann boots)
So it has been non-stop raining these past couple of days so I decided to break out my Cole Hann rain boots! The vest is one of my favorite because I've never seen anything like  it! The leather and fur is just gorgeous! But besides that, the other day I bought my Starbucks ceramic portable mug.... I LOVE IT! I just can't wait for it to be summer so I can get the portable mug for cold drinks! AHHH

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fire engine red :)

(Urban Outfitter pants, H&M shoes tank and blazer, Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Lucky necklace, Forever 21 ring, Aldo bangles)
I love everything about this outfit! The color combination, the cheetah shoes and sunglasses, and the comfy blazer! The shoes are brand new and not too high and really lightweight! I'm def going to have to take a trip to H&M soon because they just go the cutest spring clothing in (if spring will ever get here!) As you can see, I can finally start to see the grass. I forgot what green actually looks like because there has been SO much snow!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the girl in leather

(H&M black jeans, Urban Outfitters studded leather jacket, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Betsey Johnson sunglasses <3)
So first things first, the sunglasses are now one of my FAVORITES! I absolutely love the Wayfarer style and the cute cheetah print on both corners! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! This was a basic look, casual, comfy, and cute! The shoes and the sunglasses are amazing! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


(Urban Outfitters high waisted jeans and wedges, vintage scarf and bag, Jenna and Molly blouse)
Simple yet classic. This whole outfit was based around the vintage scarf that I got for $1.00! I absolutely love the sailor hat print and I'm definitely going to be getting many more of those cute silky scarves! I LOVE them! I cant wait to wear it with a cute pair of high waisted shorts to make a totally sailor inspired outfit! <3