Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NYC Street Fashion

So today I took a trip into NYC, stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (which was beyond beautiful), and was part of the audience at  a live showing of Wendy William's talk show (which was beyond hilarious)! While roaming the street in my hot pink high waisted pants, glitter blazer, and 5 inch Sam Edelman Wedges (I wish I had pictures but I lost my camera charger :(.... ) I saw some great street fashion that really inspired me! So today, I decided to finally do my own street fashion post with pictures that I have collected over time! ENJOY LOVES! <3

I love the mix of all the different types of styles! Thats my favorite part about NYC, you can wear whatever you want! Everywhere you look you see more and more amazing styles! The city itself just inspire you to look the cutest you can! I love everything about it!


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