Friday, April 29, 2011

meet the newest members of the family

So every once in a while I like to do a post called "meet the newest member of the family". It basically showcases just a few of my new purchases and some items of clothing that are just totally adorable. My two new bathing suits by Betsey Johnson are just to DIE for! I love the blue and yellow polka dot one. I got a bandeau top and a regular string halter top. It's going to look GREAT with my Kate Spade "hello sunshine" hat featured in the post below this. I also love the black and pink swan bathing suit. The ruffles adds just a touch of "girly-girl" to it! Both bathing suits are gunna be adorable for the summer!
I'm gearing up for warm weather and bought a ton of new Sam Edelman sandals (because my old ones I ware ALL OF THE TIME and they're totally shot). The spiked ones are so rocker-chic I love them! I originally had wanted those sandals in the high heeled peep toe version but I got the sandals because I thought I would get MUCH more use out of them! The other strappy sandal pictures is also by Sam Edelman. I love these because they're simple yet interesting. I love the touch of gold with the warm colored brown. I had gotten a few other Sam Edelman sandals but I'll have to save those for a later post!

xoxo, jules

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hello sunshine!

(kate spade hello sunshine hat, Urban outfitters straw hat, forever21 green woven hat, LF cutout top)
This nice weather has inspired me to do a cute hat post! These are just SOME of my favorite hats to wear this summer! I will definitely be rockin' the big floppy brimmed 70's hats!! <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

coachella: i can't wait for the day we finally meet

THIS IS HOW I ASPIRE TO DRESS EVERYDAY THIS SUMMER! I LLOOVVEEE the hippie look!!!!! I love the whole laid back look of laces and chiffon and everything just so adorably cute! 
Coachella this year had a lot of different styles, but I say that acid wash cut off jean shorts, sheer fabric, and lace EVERYTHING is going to be SOOOO cute this summer! <3
Literally awaiting the moment I can walk outside in cute crochet and lace dresses!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

(Forever 21 outfit and earrings, Sam Edelman sandals, Big Buddha bag)

Happy Easter! I spent my lovely holiday with my boyfriend and my family at my Grandpa's house! This sheer cheetah maxi skirt was bought specifically for Easter and I was so excited to wear it! What I love about it is that it has built in shorts because the fabric is sheer. I love the way you can see the silhouette of my leg when I walk! I absolutely ADORE it! I just recently bought a few maxi skirts and maxi dresses for the summer because they are so cute and so easy to just throw on!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bold & Energetic!

(Urban Outfitter pants, Neiman Marcus oxfords, Cole Haan cross-body bag, H&M tank, Beulah blazer and bandeau) 
Today was one of those days where it was really rainy and crummy in the morning but as the day progressed it got sunnier outside. I didn't want to dress for warm weather but I didn't want to be bundled up either. I thought this was a perfect outfit (and it also fit my mood very well!). I felt very energetic and crazy when I woke up this morning so I though the bright bold colors and pattern would be perfect! 
I am missing the warm weather though. :(   
I just want it to be summer already! I know I say that a lot but I'm looking forward to it!

xoxo, jule 


Monday, April 18, 2011

lets go the natural route

(Minnetonka boots, cargo pants, Bloomingdales leather jacket, Topshop bag, Forever21 necklace and earrings, LF rings)

Today I decided to go the very natural route. The weather has been kinda crummy the past couple days and today was no exception. It was sunny but still a little chilly with passing clouds. I thought dressing in natural colors with very little make up would be perfect. I like to dress based upon my mood for the day. That's usually when you put together the cutest outfits. I feel like if you think too much into it, the outfit is never as cute as you expect it to be.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

FEED me.

FEED project's mission is to create products that help feed the world. FEED happens to be one of my favorite organizations because you get to help world hunger (and you get a really cute souvenir, not to seem shallow). Below are just some of the things you can purchase to really help the world.

This FEED JAPAN bag is their newest addition. Each FEED JAPAN bag that is sold will give $10.00 to the FEED japan fund.

This FEED bag is the original one that I am proud to say I own. Each bag sold will provide one child in Africa school lunch for an entire year! Whats great about this bag is one side is a great ivory canvas, but it is actually reversible and the other side is made of burlap. Totally cute!

This little FEED clutch comes in an array of colors and patterns! The navajo print is very in this summer and nothing is better than being stylish AND helping out the rest of the world! Each pouch sold supplies one child with nutrients for a year!

FEED projects has many different products (other than the ones shown above) that help hunger all over the world! I definitely recommend checking out the site! It's an absolute GREAT cause!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm ready for a tea party!

(Dress- Lucca Couture, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell)
The pattern, cut, and colors of this dress are just so cute! It definitely has a little house on the prairie look to it but thats why I love it! The little cut out on the back adds a hint of skin to show (which is so cute) and the skirt is so cute a flowey! It's an easy dress to just throw on and look instantly adorable! It doesn't even need that much jewelry because the print is already so bold and breathtaking! I kept it simple with these white and cork Jeffrey Campbell heels ( <3). Even wearing a cute pair of white oxfords to dress it down would be adorable. Maybe with a pair of white frilly socks? I should try that next time! 

P.S. I got this dress in the other color too :) It's so cute I just got it in the mail today. It's the same cut except white with navy polka dots. I will definitely be dressing that up to look sailor-ish!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hippie days

(LF blouse, Urban Outfitters pants oxfords and pouch bag, FEED wristlet, Lucky Brand cross necklace, Forever21 earrings)
Okay so I have just a few things to say about this outfit... It is soooo cutsie hippie and it makes me want summer so badly! Despite the pouring rain outside today (that has been coming down for DAYS now!), I decided to spruce up my life a little bit and wear some colorful spring outfits! Tomorrow the weather calls for sunny skies and warm weather so it better deliver! 
One more thing, the little tribal wristlet featured in the last picture is adorable! The tribal print is very in this summer and the best thing about this wristlet is that all proceeds to feed children who are starving all over the world! I have a few FEED bags and they are not only cute, but they're for an amazing cause! Maybe I'll feature FEED in another blog post.....   ;)


Monday, April 11, 2011

summer days, oh i've missed you

(Urban Outfitters wedges, Lucca Couture dress, Big Buddha clutch)
I absolutely LOVE this dress! The colors are so vibrant and PERFECT for the summer! My favorite part is how the skirt flows out a little bit! It has kind-of an old fashion shape to it which i just ADORE! I also love how the back has a cute little cut-out, just enough skin showing! I just ordered this dress in the others colors it comes in and I am so excited to receive them in the mail! I will definitely be wearing them ALL THE TIME!