Sunday, April 17, 2011

FEED me.

FEED project's mission is to create products that help feed the world. FEED happens to be one of my favorite organizations because you get to help world hunger (and you get a really cute souvenir, not to seem shallow). Below are just some of the things you can purchase to really help the world.

This FEED JAPAN bag is their newest addition. Each FEED JAPAN bag that is sold will give $10.00 to the FEED japan fund.

This FEED bag is the original one that I am proud to say I own. Each bag sold will provide one child in Africa school lunch for an entire year! Whats great about this bag is one side is a great ivory canvas, but it is actually reversible and the other side is made of burlap. Totally cute!

This little FEED clutch comes in an array of colors and patterns! The navajo print is very in this summer and nothing is better than being stylish AND helping out the rest of the world! Each pouch sold supplies one child with nutrients for a year!

FEED projects has many different products (other than the ones shown above) that help hunger all over the world! I definitely recommend checking out the site! It's an absolute GREAT cause!


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