Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coachella Music Festival: Fashion

So instead of giving you guys another idea of what you should wear to the Coachella Music Festival (or even just on a regular summer day), I decided to give you guys a little taste of how Coachella 'goers really dressed. BTW hippie clothing is totally my favorite part of summer and every single one of these outfits you're about to see are totally spectacular!

In the picture below, sienna miller is wearing a simple outfit that almost anyone can look cute in! If you want to re-create the outfit, I've got all of your basic essentials to the right!

I just have some few tips for any Coachella 'goers (and for looking hippie chic this summer):
1. Big brimmed hats keeps your face out of the sun and also adds a perfect touch to any outfit. I actually just bought myself a really adorable straw wide brimmed hat from Urban Outfitters that i am just DIEING to wear!
2. Wedges are the cutest essential for spring and summer but if you're planning on attending any music festivals, leave the wedges at home!
3. Last but not least, big hobo bags are perfect for holding all your well-needed things! They're a definite MUST for this summer!


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