Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bell Bottoms: Do or Don't?

As seen on Rachel Zoe, Heidi Klum, and Nicole Richie, bell bottoms seem to be becoming more and more popular! Honestly, I thought that the trend of bell bottoms and flare leg jeans were long gone thanks to the rise of skinny jeans, but they are certainly making a come back! I'm not talking about slightly flared jeans or wide leg jeans, but the kind of jeans that hug your thighs until your knee and flare out so that you can't even see your foot. Yes, skinny jeans are fantastic, but nothing can make a leg seem longer and sleeker than an awesome pair of bell bottoms. Back in the day, they were only seen in denim and other fabrics used to make trousers, but now they range from linen to even lace! If you are going to take the fashion forward risk and try a pair of these bad babies, I suggest wearing a tight tank or shirt with them because a baggy one would only make your frame look bulkier and funny. Also, wearing a cute pair of heels will enhance the illusion of your leg being longer and leaner. I actually just bought myself a pair of high waisted bell bottoms and as soon as they come in the mail, you will definitely be seeing me in them! So what do you think? Will you go out and buy yourself a pair, or will you let this trend stay in the past?


josephine said...

I'm all about the 70s. Definite DO. I got an awesome pair of Sevens and a pair from Urban. love it

b-iconic said...

which pair did u get from urban? and how do you like them? cuz i want to buy a pair from there but the store by me doesn't carry them :(

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