Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wonder Woman Mac!

WONDER WOMAN MAC! Is this for real!? My favorite super woman now has her own line of make-up at mac! Nothing can get better than this! I took a trip into NYC last night to visit the Mac Cosmetics Pop-Up store in Soho (Its the only place that carries Wonder Woman's line until February 10th when all Mac stores start to carry it). From bronzer to nail polish, they had it all! Naturally I had to scoop some up since I COULD NOT wait until February! The store was magnificent and the make-up is even better! The colors are amazing and the packaging that everything comes in is adorable! I even got a gold belt that can hold all my make-up brushes! And I can't even begin to describe to you how bold and sick the nail polish colors are! The red and blue are to die for! All I need now is my Lasso of Truth and I'm all set!


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