Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urban Suburbia

(Motel Faux Fur Jacket, Urban Outfitters Hair Clip, Vintage Blouse, Aldo Boots, Nasty Gal Fringe Necklace)
New Motel jacket=PURE OBSESSION. Not only is it SUPER cute, but amazingly it keeps me SO WARM! Gotta love it! Most cute coats do nothing for me in the cold! I've been keeping an eye on this jacket for a lloonngg time and when I saw it went on sale for 50% off, I bought it immediately. 
So on a different not, I'm here in Jersey, WISHING FOR NICE WARM SUMMER WEATHER. There has just been so much snow lately and we're expecting more tonight! I  can't deal with all this un-needed snow! I just keep daydreaming about the summer and all the things I'll be able to do then that I can't do now. But for now I'll have to keep warm and wear my new coat that I'm in love with. :)


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